Digital Artisan



Choosing your delicious vegetarian or vegan meal that is cooked to order in a robotic kitchen could be a reality much sooner than you might think!

Digital Artisan Kitchen could be a seed investment and  9-12 months away from making this happen.

​We have developed an industrial robotic kitchen module:

  • Which allows two chefs to produce 120 customised, individually cooked meals an hour
  • Kitchen module that only has a 36 square meter foot print
  • Two or three modules can be combined to double or triple the food output​    

Digital Artisan Kitchen Ltd - is a seed stage UK start-up. 

Scaled down, proof of concept working prototypes of core elements are complete. Patent pending, SEIS pre-approved.

VOOM 2018 competition entry

" Genius - is a fine line between the madman and financial success... "

                                                                                                   … author unknown